The association "Latvijas Koks" kindly asks those companies that have serious interest to invest in solving of current issues of the field and arranging the business environment to join the association.

The procedure for enrolment of members prescribed in the Statues of the Association:

  1. Any LR legal or natural entity who recognizes and is ready to comply with the Statues of the Association can become a member of the Association.
  2. The council of the Association decides about the enrolment of a member after the relevant application* is reviewed.
  3. The council shall review the application during the next meeting, but at latest within a month from the moment it is received.
  4. The applicant shall be invited to the meeting of the council where his/her application is reviewed, but his/her absence doesn’t prevent from passing a decision. A motivated decision of the council shall be made known to the applicant in writing within a week from the moment the decision is made.
The applicant may appeal in writing a refusing decision of the council to the general meeting of the members. If the general meeting of the members also refuses the request of the applicant, the applicant is not enrolled as the member of the Association and he/she is entitled to submit a repeated application not less than in a year after the moment of refusal.