The first organization of forest industry established after re-gaining independence.

About us

The association "Latvijas Koks" unites the wood-processing companies, professional and higher education and science organizations of the field.

Aims and tasks of activity of the association:

  • to attract companies and natural persons who are engaged in the production, sale and design of wood products to determine and implement the joint action program;
  • to represent the legal interests of manufacturers, businessmen in the wood-processing field and sellers of wood products in the state and administrative authorities and in the international organizations;
  • to ensure the link with other organizations of such form in Europe and elsewhere in the world to facilitate the awareness of members of the Association and sale of wood products in these markets;
  • to involve in the popularization of wood application and of this field;
  • to summarize the information about the volumes of the produced and sold products, applied raw materials, condition of technique, technologies and economical state in the field and popularize it among the members of the Association;
  • to involve in the prediction of the development of field;
  • to facilitate the integration of science and production;
  • to involve in the improvement of the quality of professional education;
  • to promote collegiality and cooperation among the members of the Association;to form structured cooperation with the Latvian Forest Industry Federation together with other organizations in the forest field.

The association "Latvijas Koks" is the member of Latvian Forest Industry Federation.

Latvian Forest Industry Federation

The principal task of LFIF is to provide international representation of Latvian timber industry interests and development and coordination of activity of the associations. Latvian Forest Industry Federation stands for sustainable forest management and processing of such wood that is grown and obtained observing the normative acts of the Republic of Latvia and good practice. 

Aims of the organization is to promote the development of Latvian forest industry in cooperation of the concerned institutions, to form sustainable, stable economic environment to develop the companies in the field of forestry and increase the competitiveness.

Trends in turnover and export indicators of members of the association "Latvijas Koks" in 2015-2017.